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Site Name: Whimsical!
URL: http://whimsical.heartette.net
Webmaster: Jo
Since: November 29, 2006
Tools Used: Notepad, FileZilla FTP Client (website), Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe ImageReady CS2 (icons), RealWorld Cursor Editor (cursors), Dynamic Drive (favicons), FontStruct (fonts)
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Whimsical! is an original web graphics and pixel art website maintained by me, Jo. The aim of this website is to offer free web materials (also known as "sozai", the Japanese term) for users to decorate their personal websites. My original illustrations are located at Sunday Sweets. My fan circle is located at Novemberry.

I've always loved to draw ever since I was little, and when I was 11 years old, I became fascinated with pixel art after seeing it in every web community I was in. I was amazed at how pixel graphics were so adorably tiny, yet completely detailed. Soon, I was inspired by my friend Maddy and several other pixel artists to draw pixel art of my own. My earliest influences came from the "cute" pixel art subculture of the early 2000s, which also motivated me to build a website to showcase my work. I began practicing on Microsoft Paint and participating in art communities. Whimsical! was launched on November 29, 2006, in the middle of my high school years.

My pixel art reflects the happiness and nostalgia from my everyday adventures. Some of my influences include fashion, mascot characters, music, and food. Through my pixel art, I hope I can bring a positive viewpoint into your lives! Thank you for visiting!


Background: 100% Taiwanese from California, USA
Hobbies/Interests: Pixel/CG art • comics • web design • language translation • sleep
E-mail: heartette♡gmail.com (♡→@)
SNS: pixiv Twitter Instagram

Hello! My name is Jo. My parents are both from Taiwan, while I was born and raised in the United States. I currently reside in California. I'm left-handed, and when I'm not drawing, I like reading comics or sleeping. I adore mascots and regularly collect character merchandise. I can understand Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.



Ricky Starfly

Ricky is a space frog on a journey to find a way home after getting lost during a space mission. He loves rainy days, gardening, and flying kites.

Starfly is a star that fell from the sky during a meteor shower. He might be just a firefly...